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  • Alcosm In Exclusive Partnership with TGV Cinemas To Keep You Safe

    Putting everyone’s safety as a priority, Alcosm is delighted to be TGV Cinema’s preferred partner in keeping their customers and employees safe. Our 75% alcohol disinfectant wipe that is designed to effectively kill 99.9% bacteria and viruses can now be found at TGV Cinema’s counters.
  • Infectious diseases expert advises on choosing optimum alcohol content in sanitising product

    Alcosm in The Star Newspaper of Malaysia discussing about how much alcohol is optimum for on-the-go disinfection and sanitization.
  • Alcosm Sponsored 25,000 Packs Alcohol Wipes to Malaysia's Ministry of Health

    ALCOSM Pte Ltd, together with the president of Baby Product Association of Malaysia, Gwei Tze-Co, recently visited the Ministry of Health (MOH) to hand over RM550,000 worth of Alcosm 75% alcohol wipes in appreciation of the effort and commitment of medical frontliners in Malaysia.