One Of The World's Leading Manufacturer of
75% Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes

KANGNA (ZHEJIANG) MEDICAL SUPPLIES CO., LTD originally was established in 1998 and located near Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in China. We are a FDA-certified manufacturer for the medical supplies industry. With more than 20 years expertise in producing disinfecting wipes, we take high pride in supplying Health and Environmental-Friendly disinfecting wipes. To-date, our goods are exported to USA, Europe, Japan and the other 80 countries.

Why 75% Alcohol-Concentration

Alcohol's antimicrobial activity is due to its ability to denature proteins and dissolves the lipids. The ideal alcohol solution is of a concentration ranging from 60-80%

Highly Demanded 75% Alcohol Wipes 

Product sold up to 20 millions packs in 30 days during the peak of pandemic globally

Trusted by Global Retail Brands

A continuous commitment and dedication in producing best quality products that consumers love



24-hours Circulation

Advanced 6-stages water purification system are use to attain the highest purity before blend into prescribed formula to ensure the highest quality of our products.

100,000 Cleanroom Classification

Stringent quality control at all levels of manufacturing from materials to finished goods are carried out religiously by our highly-skilled production specialists

International Certifications

Built according to medical standard, with FDA and NDC Certifications for quality, enable us to produce for leading global brands

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